Basementality Battles Mixtape vol. 1 – Free Download!

The ”Basementality Battles Mixtape Vol. 1″ has been in the shop for a few months now and we are currently working on Vol. 2 so we tohught we put it out for download now. Thanks to the people who purchased the Mixtape and DVD and we hope that people keep doing that and keep supporting the cause..there is still a few copys left!


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The mixtape consists mostly of songs with rappers that appeared in our battle clips, but other rappers as well! Its both exclusive songs and songs that is/will be released on other projects. The goal with the mixtape and the coming volumes is to make people understand that alot of the battlerappers are actually artist that make music.

1. Intro feat. Rayden & Freezy Locc
2. Critical, Eurgh, Cruger, Shazaam – Mad Spins Bruv (Pr. Antracks)
3. Allyawan – Välkommen (Prod. Main I.N.G)
4. Ness Lee – Downstairs ft. Poodie D’Byz & Knowel Da Visionaire
5. Chedda Cheese (KOTD) – I Never Work Out (Cover)
6. Brown Bag Allstars – The Work Horse (Antracks Official Remix)
7. Nils m/ Skils ft Rissimo – Sånn vi chiller
8. Hidden Agenda (Little Vic, cRITICAL Madness) – Wonderful Thing
9. Jaqe – Alex the kid (Prod. Antracks)
10. Chipchoppin Order – Exclusive Verses
11. SigNif – Vandal (Prod. Tay Lee)
12. Truth – 61 Grace (Prod. J57)
13. Rifa – Det Regnar
14. Madd Odds – CP-skräck
15. Simon Gärdenfors – Simme
16. Henry Bowers – Real Estate (Prod. Kryptonite)
17. Professor P & DJ Akilles – This is it (Proaktive Beats)
18. Acke ft. Oliver Def & Bjarne B – Dränkta (Uptight Beats)
19. Endless & KJ ft. Karoline W – Mörketid (Prod. Endless)
20. Antone Mecca – Mecca Music

The tape is mixed and put together by DJ Byxboa and Critical (

Watch SigNif´s video for her track here under


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